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This is a travel log of all the trips I have done and all countries I have visited. I’ve built it to keep a record of my travels and gather all the data in one place instead of having it spread across the internet in places I will forget exist.

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  • Planning a resupply strategy for the PCT 29 Mar 2016

    On this blog I favour other more structured alternatives, but for making easilyeditable plans, Google Maps is great. I thought I’d share a few of theresources I put together for planning my resupply strategy.

  • Photography equipment on the PCT 29 Mar 2016

    Downside of being a hobby photographer: 22% of my entire gear weight is mycamera and half of my entire gear weight will be worn. Auch! Because of thisI’ve spent a lot of money on lowering the weight of all my other gear though.The camera is now the only luxury item I carry and I feel that justifies it’sweight.


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