Places I have visited in Japan

  • Tokyo City

    Camped in a park, slept in a capsule hotel as well as a manga café. Went to the Tsukiji market but couldn't afford sushi

  • Chichibu City

    CouchSurfed with Chris at the Greenhouse

  • Ogano City

    Enroute to the Greenhouse

  • Kyoto City

    Only night I spent in a hostel while in Japan

  • Osaka City

    Slept in a $8/night hotel with my own room (about 1x2m). Met an American who also tried urban camping.

  • Nara City

    Spent the day but didn't sleep here

  • Himeji City

    Stopped here to have a look at the castle while hitchhiking. Terribly difficult to find the entrance to the highway

  • Hiroshima City

    Spent the day and camped on Miyajima to see the shrine for both sunset and sunrise

  • Shimonoseki City

    Boat to Japan. A very nice lady drove me thourgh the tunnel and took me all the way to the boat terminal

  • Kurokawa Onsen City

    Hitchhiked with a nice lady who drove me 2h out of her way to get me all the way here. Met a hiker who gave me a raincover for my bag at the youth hostel