Central Asia

The first stretch of the 2 year trip Iā€™m still on.

Places visited

Note this list contains all locations I've ever visited in the countries of this trip. Some locations might be from other trips. You can have a look at the troute on the map to see which locations I actually visited.

  • Shymkent City in Kazakhstan

    Stopped by quickly on the way to and from Turkestan

  • Kolsai Lake Trek Trek in Kazakhstan

    Only had time to see the first and the second lake

  • Almaty City in Kazakhstan

    Met Casimir for the first time. Also met Mikhail

  • Saty City in Kazakhstan

    Entrance to the Kolsai Lake trek

  • Astana City in Kazakhstan

    Didn't even stay overnight, only spent a long day before continuing.

  • Burabay City in Kazakhstan

    Hiked, got lost, and met Aida.

  • Turkestan City in Kazakhstan

    My first proper sight in Central Asia. Not worth it.

  • Osh City in Kyrgyzstan

    Met up with Casimir, David and Ana to head for Tajikistan

  • Bishkek City in Kyrgyzstan

    Met David for the first time

  • Cholpon-Ata City in Kyrgyzstan

    Realized I had past my destinations by mistake, but got off at this tourist town instead. Basically just wandered back and forth along the main road. Party place.

  • Karakol City in Kyrgyzstan

    Prepared for my trek, bought a sleeping bag, rented stuff.

  • Jeti-Oguz City in Kyrgyzstan

    Starting point for the trek: Jeti-Oguz - Ak-Suu

  • Ak-Suu City in Kyrgyzstan

    End of trek: Jeti-Oguz - Ak-Suu

  • Ala-Kol Trek Trek in Kyrgyzstan

    Jeti-Oguz to Ak-Suu. While hiking I forgot my camera on a rock before crossing a pass. I was too lazy to walk back for it... First time I heard about people trekking without a tent, some old man who did the same trek by sleeping under pine trees

  • Tamga City in Kyrgyzstan

    Relaxed in a yurt by the beach. Met a Danish couple.

  • Kochkor City in Kyrgyzstan

    Met Casimir (for the second time) on the bus from Tamga and I decided to join him to Song Kol. Met Phuong for the first time.

  • Song Kol Yurt Nomadic Village in Kyrgyzstan

    Not sure about the coordinates, but I think it was the northern part of the lake. Arranged for a horse trek from here.

  • Kyzart City in Kyrgyzstan

    End of our horse trek from Song Kol

  • Song Kol Horse Trek Trek in Kyrgyzstan

    Horse trek from Song Kol to Kyzart. Stayed at a yurt and cooked dinner with some Germans, Casimiar and Phuong on our one night.

  • Murghab City in Tajikistan

    First city since the Kyrgyz border. Me, Ana, Casimir and David arrived by jeep from Osh, and hired another one (lada) from here onwards.

  • Pshart Valley - Madiyan Valley Trek in Tajikistan

    Not entirely sure these are the coordinates, but I'm pretty sure. Slept in a yurt the night before the hike.

  • Gumbezkul Pass in Tajikistan

    Beautiful pass at 4731m. Really demanding hike with David, Ana and Casimir. Who doesn't do sports in Hong Kong

  • Khorog City in Tajikistan

    Met Setfan. Was here on several occasions as the border to Afghanistan closed when I was about to cross

  • Alichur City in Tajikistan

    Slept at the restaurant here for a night. This was where Casimir could have both sausage and eggs.

  • Bazar Dara City in Tajikistan

    Attempt at reaching Bazar Dara, an old mining community with a fort.

  • Dushanbe City in Tajikistan

    Waited for a flight for three days, puked while bargaining for a hotel room, flew to Kabul but overstayed my visa by a few hours.

  • Panjakent City in Tajikistan

    Met Mithu. Entrance to Fann Mountains

  • Artuch City in Tajikistan

    Starting point of the Fann mountains trek. Met a group of people I started hiking with

  • Fann Mountains Trek in Tajikistan

    Kulikalon lakes - Alaudin lakes

  • Kabul City in Afghanistan

    I just so happened to be on the same flight (long story why I had to fly) as an old hippie (who visited Afghanistan in the 70s) I met in Khorog earlier. Shared a room with him.

  • Bamiyan City in Afghanistan

    Took the dangerous route here and had to hide myself the entire drive from Kabul. After the taxi driver tried to charge me for risking his life taking me.

  • Band-e-Amir Sight in Afghanistan

    Took a taxi here

  • Mazar-i-Sharif City in Afghanistan

    Went on a quest to find beer but settled for some Tajik Whiskey at an Indian restaurant

  • Herat City in Afghanistan

    Randomly met a CouchSurfer in a shop as I was bargainning for a USB cable. He ended up paying for it as he got pissed by the price they were charging me.

  • Termiz Border Crossing in Uzbekistan

    Spent a few hours after coming from Afghanistan. Interesting border crossing...

  • Samarkand City in Uzbekistan

    Met Markus

  • Tashkent City in Uzbekistan

    Spent most time with Markus

  • Shahrisabz City in Uzbekistan
  • Bukhara City in Uzbekistan

    Came here, hitchhiking on a tour bus with Marco

  • Nukus City in Uzbekistan

    Met Marco

  • Moynaq City in Uzbekistan

    Ship graveyard by what used to be the Aral Sea.

  • Khiva City in Uzbekistan

    Marco got me interested in photography

  • Ayaz Kala Yurt Camp Nomadic Village in Uzbekistan

    Stayed at a touristic Yurt Camp with Marco. Hitchhiked with a tour bus to Bukhara the following day.

  • Baku City in Azerbaijan

    Met Jake and Elaine

  • Gobustan Mud Volcanos Sight in Azerbaijan

    Got a ride with Jake who was heading to Georgia. He dropped me off at the junction of R10 and M2.

  • Ismayilli City in Azerbaijan

    Arrived after dark and couldn't find Casimir until the morning after when his hostel host figured out who I was.

  • Qabala City in Azerbaijan

    Where Casimir got excited about Xash.

  • Chukhur Ghabala Sight in Azerbaijan

    Very boring ruins

  • Sheki City in Azerbaijan

    I treated Casimir to the best restaurant available in exchange for him doing the same for me in Hong Kong. Also where I shaved as this was the end of my trip.

  • Tbilisi City in Georgia

    Met up with David and Ana before my flight to Vietnam

  • Sighnaghi City in Georgia

    Wine place

  • Mestia City in Georgia
  • Koruldi Lake Trek Trek in Georgia

    Couldn't stop walking, it was too beautiful here

  • Chalaadi Glacier Trek Trek in Georgia

    Not worth it

  • Kazbegi City in Georgia


  • Kazbegi Trek Trek in Georgia
  • Sagarejo City in Georgia

    Hitchhiked with a horse

  • David Gareja Monastery Complex Sight in Georgia

    Accidentally almost walked over to Azerbaijan