Places I have visited in Afghanistan

  • Kabul City

    I just so happened to be on the same flight (long story why I had to fly) as an old hippie (who visited Afghanistan in the 70s) I met in Khorog earlier. Shared a room with him.

  • Bamiyan City

    Took the dangerous route here and had to hide myself the entire drive from Kabul. After the taxi driver tried to charge me for risking his life taking me.

  • Band-e-Amir Sight

    Took a taxi here

  • Mazar-i-Sharif City

    Went on a quest to find beer but settled for some Tajik Whiskey at an Indian restaurant

  • Herat City

    Randomly met a CouchSurfer in a shop as I was bargainning for a USB cable. He ended up paying for it as he got pissed by the price they were charging me.