Trans-Siberia: From Helsinki to Hong Kong

My first long trip.

Places visited

Note this list contains all locations I've ever visited in the countries of this trip. Some locations might be from other trips. You can have a look at the troute on the map to see which locations I actually visited.

  • St. Petersburg City in Russia

    CouchSurfed with Jenya and his girlfriend who got me in touch with her sisters in Moscow. Also met Ana and Daria. My first couchsurfing experience

  • Moscow City in Russia

    CouchSurfed with Masha and Sasha who showed me around town and still keep in contact with me

  • Nizhny Novgorod City in Russia

    Dariya got me in touch with Elizaveta who I CouchSurfed with.

  • Kazan City in Russia

    CouchSurfed with Ira and Kostya. Got a crush on Alina.

  • Yekaterinburg City in Russia

    CouchSurfed with Olga who took me to the Asia-Europe line for pictures.

  • Omsk City in Russia

    Spent a long day sightseeing before taking a night train out

  • Novosibirsk City in Russia

    Spent a day, went to the train museum and got a private tour in Russian

  • Krasnoyarsk City in Russia

    CouchSurfed with a really weird girl. Went up to her Dasha in the hills.

  • Irkutsk City in Russia

    On the bus into town a girl approached me as I was looking in my Lonely Planet. He invited me to stay in her closed down hostel for the night

  • Ulan Ude City in Russia

    Splurged by staying a hotel for the first time on my trip. No hostels in town. Not much except for another Lenin statue

  • Listvyanka City in Russia

    Hiked a bit to see the lake.

  • Ulaanbaatar City in Mongolia

    Met Anya at the hostel. CouchSurfed with Chris

  • Mörön City in Mongolia

    CouchSurfed in a yurt with American peace corps volunteer Patrick. Also met Agustinus

  • Toom Nomadic Village in Mongolia

    Our car left us here for 2 days as it went back to Mörön for tuning. Helped the family slaughter a goat

  • Tsagaannuur City in Mongolia

    Went to ask about my future from a Shaman

  • East Taiga Nomadic Village in Mongolia

    Went to visit the Tsaataan people. Also known as the Dukha, or the Reindeer people. Agustinus knowledge of languages really amazed me.

  • Beijing City in China

    CouchSurfed with Sona

  • Erenhot Border Crossing in China

    Spent a few hours walking around town and ordering something random off the menu at a restaurant. Turned out to be a meal for 5.

  • Xi'an City in China

    Spent the day with some other travelers... Can't remember who they were

  • Dengfeng City in China

    Shaolin Monastery. Was to cheap to enter, so me and another cheap Brittish girl stayed outside watching some monks training

  • Chengdu City in China

    CouchSurfed with three Chinese girls, can't remember their names unfortunately

  • Kangding City in China

    Some hiking in the surrounding hills

  • Litang Town City in China

    Watched a sky burial

  • Xiangcheng City in China

    Met Tristano

  • Lijiang City in China

    Went to a local wedding

  • Shangri-la City in China


  • Qiaotou City in China

    Spent the night at the entrance to Tiger Leaping Gorge

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek in China

    Did a hike with Maren, Sean, Tristano, Luiza, Jean

  • Kunming City in China

    Short sightseeing before continuing to east

  • Guiling City in China
  • Longsheng City in China

    Hiked around the rice terraces but there was so much fog I couldn't see further than 5 meters

  • Yangshuo City in China

    Slept for free by going to a school to talk English. Met up with Anya again

  • Hong Kong City in China

    Met Jean randomly at a hostel. Met Massy

  • Macau City in China

    Due to H1N1 both hostels in Macau were closed and I slept on the beach.

  • Krabi City in Thailand

    My first-ever backpacking stop

  • Ao Nang City in Thailand

    Primary spot on my vaction with Sofia

  • Kamala City in Thailand

    Vacationing at Ayara Kamala Resport & Spa

  • Bangkok City in Thailand
  • Pattaya City in Thailand

    Visting a former colleague from Oslo: Kung Snikvard Qvarsebo

  • Ko Samet City in Thailand

    Not sure where I stayed... Escaped here after seeing Pattaya and waiting for my flight back to Finland.

  • Khon Kaen City in Thailand
  • Sisaket City in Thailand
  • Nong Khai City in Thailand

    Sala Kaew Ku: Statue Park