Places I have visited in Russia

  • St. Petersburg City

    CouchSurfed with Jenya and his girlfriend who got me in touch with her sisters in Moscow. Also met Ana and Daria. My first couchsurfing experience

  • Moscow City

    CouchSurfed with Masha and Sasha who showed me around town and still keep in contact with me

  • Nizhny Novgorod City

    Dariya got me in touch with Elizaveta who I CouchSurfed with.

  • Kazan City

    CouchSurfed with Ira and Kostya. Got a crush on Alina.

  • Yekaterinburg City

    CouchSurfed with Olga who took me to the Asia-Europe line for pictures.

  • Omsk City

    Spent a long day sightseeing before taking a night train out

  • Novosibirsk City

    Spent a day, went to the train museum and got a private tour in Russian

  • Krasnoyarsk City

    CouchSurfed with a really weird girl. Went up to her Dasha in the hills.

  • Irkutsk City

    On the bus into town a girl approached me as I was looking in my Lonely Planet. He invited me to stay in her closed down hostel for the night

  • Ulan Ude City

    Splurged by staying a hotel for the first time on my trip. No hostels in town. Not much except for another Lenin statue

  • Listvyanka City

    Hiked a bit to see the lake.