Places I have visited in China

  • Beijing City

    CouchSurfed with Sona

  • Erenhot Border Crossing

    Spent a few hours walking around town and ordering something random off the menu at a restaurant. Turned out to be a meal for 5.

  • Xi'an City

    Spent the day with some other travelers... Can't remember who they were

  • Dengfeng City

    Shaolin Monastery. Was to cheap to enter, so me and another cheap Brittish girl stayed outside watching some monks training

  • Chengdu City

    CouchSurfed with three Chinese girls, can't remember their names unfortunately

  • Kangding City

    Some hiking in the surrounding hills

  • Litang Town City

    Watched a sky burial

  • Xiangcheng City

    Met Tristano

  • Lijiang City

    Went to a local wedding

  • Shangri-la City


  • Qiaotou City

    Spent the night at the entrance to Tiger Leaping Gorge

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek

    Did a hike with Maren, Sean, Tristano, Luiza, Jean

  • Kunming City

    Short sightseeing before continuing to east

  • Guiling City
  • Longsheng City

    Hiked around the rice terraces but there was so much fog I couldn't see further than 5 meters

  • Yangshuo City

    Slept for free by going to a school to talk English. Met up with Anya again

  • Hong Kong City

    Met Jean randomly at a hostel. Met Massy

  • Macau City

    Due to H1N1 both hostels in Macau were closed and I slept on the beach.