Places I have visited in Lebanon

  • Beirut City

    Met Haya from CouchSurfing.

  • Tyre City

    Sur in Arabic. Just spent a few hours to sightsee

  • Tripoli City

    Heard there was a pro-ISIS walk in Tripoli the same day I was there. Had a fun conversation with the military

  • Byblos City

    Jbail in Arabic. Spent a few hours sightseeing.

  • Bsharri City

    Hitchhiked here to go hiking. Met a girl from the philippines working at the hostel.

  • Baalbeck City

    Due to the insecure situation, and being tired from hiking I decided to take buses around to mountains to reach Baalbeck.

  • Qadisha Valley Trek Trek

    Got lost following the trail on Maps.ME. Turned out there were two trails only a few meters apart but above and below a ridge

  • Sidon City

    Went to see the fort, and sightsee around town for 1-2h