Places I have visited in Egypt

  • Aswan City
  • Luxor City

    Met Max for the first time

  • Abu Simbel City
  • Hurghada City

    Visited as a child with by family

  • Dahab City

    Forgot my boots in a van. Called around until I somehow reached the driver. Max brought my boots on the way to Jordan

  • Nuweiba City

    Met Haramain

  • St. Catherine City
  • Mount Sinai Trek

    Hiked up during the night to reach the summit for sunrise. My guide (forced on me) was too stoned to walk so he went home to sleep

  • Giza City
  • Cairo City

    Arrived in the middle of the night from Yemen. While looking for a hostel two guys tried to rob me. I screamed and flung my boots at them.

  • Taba Border Crossing

    Passing through Israel to get to Jordan. Me, Max an Keenan were cutting it close as Israeli officers interrogated me about my passport. Met Keenan on the way.