Places I have visited in Argentina

  • Buenos Aires City

    Spent a full transit day here on the way from Finland to Ushuaia

  • Ushuaia City

    Arrived hoping to catch a cruise to Antarctica, sadly the prices had gone up 2-3 times. I slept underneath a tree outside town and then started hitchhiking north.

  • Rio Grande City

    Met Emilio as I hitchhiked out of Ushuaia and stayed with him at one of his friends for the night.

  • El Calafate City

    Got a ride with my Chilean parents from Puerto Natales. The next day I continued with them for the entire Carretera Austral

  • Perito Moreno Sight

    Met up with my Chilean parents again as I was on my way back to Calafate

  • Gobernador Gregores City

    While hitchhiking, we all shared a tent and cooked an amazing dinner.

  • Cueva de las Manos Sight

    Would have been impossible reaching this place unless the people I was hitchhiked with just so happened to be going there too

  • Uspallata City

    Where Seven Years in Tibet was filmed

  • Puente del Inca Sight

    As I decided to hitchhike from the border this natural bridge just happened to be walking distance away

  • Las Cuevas Border Crossing

    Got off the bus as it would have taken hours to get through customs. Instead I started hitchhiking

  • Mendoza City

    Ate an overrated steak

  • Maipu City

    Bicycle wine tour with Gerard. Ended the day with an asado.

  • San Juan City

    After wasting a day trying to hitchhike north I gave up and decided to go back to San Juan to take a bus to Salta

  • Salta City

    Rained each time I was here, and I was here like 3 times.

  • Cafayate City

    Spent the night sleeping under the stars at El Anfiteatro.

  • Cachi City

    Hitchhied here in a police car together with Rodrigo. Had a quick look at the town before walking north to find a place to sleep

  • Payogasta City

    Spent the night sleeping in a cemetery

  • Tilcara City

    Celebrated Carnival

  • Purmamarca City

    Woke up early to hitchhike onward to Chile

  • Santa Fe City

    Brother in law lives here

  • San Carlos de Bariloche City

    Hiked around the area

  • El Bolsón City

    Hiked around the area

  • El Calafate City

    Arrived by bus, stayed the night and continued hitchhiking to Punta Arenas

  • El Chaltén City

    Hiked around for a few days

  • Río Grande City

    Hitchhiked here on the way to Ushuaia

  • Concordia City

    On the way from Uruguay to Iguazú

  • Posadas City

    On the way from Uruguay to Iguazú. Crossed the border into Paraguay

  • Puerto Iguazú City

    Saw the waterfalls

  • Tolhuin City

    Went to see the lake

  • Gobernador Gregores City

    Spent the night while hitchhiking

  • Río Mayo City

    Spent the night while hitchhiking