Places I have visited in Peru

  • Puno City

    Stopped by to see the Uros

  • Arequipa City

    Really liked the city, thought about moving here

  • Chivay City

    While hitchhiking with a tour bus, we stopped here to eat and sightsee

  • Cabanaconde City

    Starting point for the Colca Canyon trek

  • Colca Canyon Trek Trek

    Cabanaconde - Sangalle - Malata - San Juan de Chucho - Cabanaconde

  • Cusco City

    Met up with David again.

  • Ollantaytambo City

    Spent half a day and stayed here for the night after seeing Moray and Maras

  • Salar de Maras Sight

    Hitchhiked, and took shared taxis with David

  • Aguas Calientes City

    Real name is Machu Picchu Pueblo

  • Machu Picchu Sight

    Didn't really enjoy it, but you can't go to South America without seeing Machu Picchu

  • Mollepata City

    Starting point of Salkantay Trek

  • Salkantay Trek Trek

    Hiked from Mollepata to Collipapampa where I took a bus to the entrance of Llactapata. Landslides had ruined the trail so you would have had to hike on the main road. From Llactapata I walked to Aguas Calientes.

  • Lima City

    Spent quite a few days here with Daivd. Loved the pretty girls, the location, and the great food.

  • Caral City

    Thought it might be worth seeing the ruins. It wasn't

  • Barranca City

    Spent the night here while seeing Caral

  • Huaraz City

    Met Nuria at the hostel who joined me and David for our trek

  • Laguna 69 Trek Trek

    Very nice trek. Got lost from the trail and hiked through the bush. First one at the top!

  • Hualcayan City

    Starting point of the Alpamayo Trek

  • Alpamayo Trek Trek

    We were plannin on doing the circuit but decided to skip the Santa Cruz part, therefore ending at Pomabamba

  • Pomabamba City

    End of Alpamayo Trek. On the bus back to civilization we ran out of petrol, broke the bus and slept by the road for 8h.

  • Trujillo City

    Spent a day sightseeing with David, Nuria and an Argentinian girl

  • Huanchaco City

    Slept here while sightseeing the both the town and Trujillo

  • Mancora City

    Left my camera outside beneath the hammock during the rainiest day of the year