Places I have visited in Jordan

  • Aqaba City

    Slept on the beach after having chased a thief who stole someones phone. I found him but realized I was too alone (weak) to do antyhing.

  • Wadi Rum Trek

    Hitchhiked with a bedouin who drove me past the guards to avoid the entrance fee. He then drove me into the Wadi where we found a spot in the shade to eat the first proper meal in a long time.

  • Petra Sight

    Went with Max and Keenan. Took me a long time to decide to actually pay the ridiculous entrance fee.

  • Wadi Musa City

    The entrance to Petra, slept here for 2 nights

  • Amman City

    Had a quick look at the historical center and stayed at the first hostel in the country. Palestinian caretaker who told me about how the Israelis shot at him when he was left between the borders in the middle of the night

  • Jerash City

    Visited for a few hours with Max.

  • Karak City

    Visited the fort en route south

  • Aqaba City

    Passed through on the way to the Dead Sea. Bought beer.

  • Qasr Amra Sight

    Our second desert castle while hitchhiking with Max and Keenan

  • Qasr Azraq Sight

    First of the desert castles. We took a bus here and hitchhiked back.

  • Mount Nebo Sight

    This is where Moses overlooked the promised land. The final stop before our driver returned back home. Our friendly driver basically drove us across the country

  • Dead Sea Sight

    Slept by the Dead Sea. Woke up with our legs white with salt