Places I have visited in Israel

  • Eilat Border Crossing

    Egypt - Israel - Jordan as well as Jordan - Israel. Mostly passed through and waited for a ride all day

  • Ein Gedi City

    Stopped to cook shakshuka on the way to Jerusalem

  • Jerusalem City

    CouchSurfed with Ira and met Mona, Szymon.

  • Tel Aviv City

    CouchSurfed with Zehavit

  • Jaffa City
  • Haifa City

    CouchSurfed with Asaf and Hani

  • Acre City

    My first coffee treat in Israel

  • Nazareth City

    First and only time I paid for accommodation in Israel

  • Tiberias City

    Had a quick look at the city, and started walking north to find a spot where I could camp.

  • Yehudia Trek

    Combined two of the three treks here

  • Hebron City

    Palestine: Went to see the clash between a Palestinian town and an Israeli settlement

  • Betlehem City


  • Jericho City

    Palestine: Walked up to a monastery on the side of the mountain

  • Ramallah City

    Palestine: Went to see Yasser Arafat's tomb