Places I have visited in Pakistan

  • Taftan City

    Iran - Pakistan border crossing. Waited at the levis office half the day before they drove me to Dalbandin

  • Dalbandin City

    First night during the Taftan - Quetta police escort. Police officer tried to scam me by asking for gasoline money

  • Quetta City

    Met Zachary and two other motorcyclists at the hotel. Was not allowed to leave the hotel without a police escort. They were outside the hotel watching us all the time

  • Lahore City

    One of my favorite cities. Lovely place. The entire city is a market

  • Wagah City

    Did not cross the border, just went to see the border ceremony where there had been a suicide bomging two weeks earlier

  • Islamabad City

    Only spent a few hours, too expensive, and boring to be worth stopping. Went north instead.

  • Rawalpindi City

    Only spent a few hours on the way north

  • Mansehra City

    Mandatory stopover on the way north and back. Slept in a triple room by the bus station for $3. Really creepy boy working there.

  • Naran City

    Only stayed for a day to see the lake

  • Saif-ul-Malok Trek

    Hitchhiked halfway before the there was too much snow to drive. Me and the Pakistanis on tour, hiked up where I got altitude sickness (or something).

  • Chilas City

    Road from Naran - Chilas was closes, so I had to backtrack and go around. Slept here for a night.

  • Gilgit City

    Spent half a day sightseeing while waiting for a bus.

  • Karimabad City

    Finally met some other travelers. Gorgeous place

  • Passu City

    Hiked to the glacier and the suspension bridge. As far north as I went