Places I have visited in Iran

  • Mashhad City

    Snuck into the Imam Reza Complex pretending I was a muslim. Suddently the guards started asking questions. Met Lucile.

  • Bajgiran Border Crossing

    Turkmenistan - Iran. Shared a taxi with a weird turkish guy.

  • Mirjaveh Border Crossing

    Iran - Pakistan. Stayed here overnight, not allowed to go to the nearby market by myself. Security reasons.

  • Zahedan City

    Mostly passed through on the way to Mirjaveh

  • Bam City

    Went to see Arg-e Bam

  • Kerman City

    Did a quick tour of the cities sights before continuing towards Bam. Met the Pakistani without a passport here.

  • Yazd City

    Met Germain and Rosie.

  • Shiraz City
  • Persepolis City
  • Esfahan City

    Forgot my passport at a hostel in Kashan, another traveler delivered it to me here

  • Qom City

    They wouldn't let me enter the shrine

  • Tehran City

    Met up with Sona again

  • Kashan City

    Forgot my passport at the hostel