Places I have visited in Chile

  • Punta Arenas City

    Met Simiel and her friend who were also hitchhiking here. Stayed at Simiel's.

  • Puerto Natales City

    Met Pablo as I came back from my hike

  • Torres del Paine: Circuit Trek Trek

    Did the circuit trek in 5 days instead of the recommended 7-9 days

  • Puerto Rio Tranquilo City

    Camped at a popular camping area. Met someone who drove his motorcycle from Alaska here

  • Coyhaqiue City

    Camped outside of town

  • Puno City

    Camped in an abandoned house

  • Puno City

    Stayed with my Sergio's family who lives here

  • Parque Nacional Queulat Trek

    Did a short hike with my Chilean parents to see the glacier

  • Puerto Montt City
  • Puerto Varas City

    Got a ride from Chiloe with some European girls heading this way

  • Castro City
  • Achao City

    Went to see an old church

  • Dalcahue City

    More churces

  • Curaro de Velez City

    More churces

  • Valdivia City

    Got a ride from here all the way to Santiago

  • Santiago City

    CouchSurfed with Miguel Met Samuel and Dave.

  • Valparaiso City

    Met up with my Chilean mom who lives here

  • San Pedro de Atacama City

    Met Natanael who worked at the hostel where I stayed

  • Calama City

    Spent the day while waiting to get on a tour to Chuquicamata mine

  • Chuquicamata City

    Largest open-pit mine in the world. Che Guevara was here

  • Iquique City

    Met a photographer at Humberstone and spent the day with him here before going to Bolivia

  • Humberstone City

    Abandoned saltpeter works. Slept by the highway outside of the town as some dogs chased me away when I arrived in the middle of the night. Met a photographer

  • Entre Lagos City

    Hitchhiked here on the way from Puerto Montt to Bariloche

  • Porvenir City

    Hitchhiked here on the way from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia

  • Puerto Williams City

    Flew here from Punta Arenas to hike around Isla Navarino