Places I have visited in Kyrgyzstan

  • Osh City

    Met up with Casimir, David and Ana to head for Tajikistan

  • Bishkek City

    Met David for the first time

  • Cholpon-Ata City

    Realized I had past my destinations by mistake, but got off at this tourist town instead. Basically just wandered back and forth along the main road. Party place.

  • Karakol City

    Prepared for my trek, bought a sleeping bag, rented stuff.

  • Jeti-Oguz City

    Starting point for the trek: Jeti-Oguz - Ak-Suu

  • Ak-Suu City

    End of trek: Jeti-Oguz - Ak-Suu

  • Ala-Kol Trek Trek

    Jeti-Oguz to Ak-Suu. While hiking I forgot my camera on a rock before crossing a pass. I was too lazy to walk back for it... First time I heard about people trekking without a tent, some old man who did the same trek by sleeping under pine trees

  • Tamga City

    Relaxed in a yurt by the beach. Met a Danish couple.

  • Kochkor City

    Met Casimir (for the second time) on the bus from Tamga and I decided to join him to Song Kol. Met Phuong for the first time.

  • Song Kol Yurt Nomadic Village

    Not sure about the coordinates, but I think it was the northern part of the lake. Arranged for a horse trek from here.

  • Kyzart City

    End of our horse trek from Song Kol

  • Song Kol Horse Trek Trek

    Horse trek from Song Kol to Kyzart. Stayed at a yurt and cooked dinner with some Germans, Casimiar and Phuong on our one night.