Pacific Crest Trail SOBO

This is a collection of blog posts and resources about my Pacific Crest Trail Southbound hike I plan to do in 2016.

Blog posts

  • Planning a resupply strategy for the PCT 29 Mar 2016

    On this blog I favour other more structured alternatives, but for making easilyeditable plans, Google Maps is great. I thought I’d share a few of theresources I put together for planning my resupply strategy.

  • Photography equipment on the PCT 29 Mar 2016

    Downside of being a hobby photographer: 22% of my entire gear weight is mycamera and half of my entire gear weight will be worn. Auch! Because of thisI’ve spent a lot of money on lowering the weight of all my other gear though.The camera is now the only luxury item I carry and I feel that justifies it’sweight.

Places visited

Note this list contains all locations I've ever visited in the countries of this trip. Some locations might be from other trips. You can have a look at the troute on the map to see which locations I actually visited.

  • Miami City in United States

    Visited with my family as well as alone, but I was too young to have seen anything of interest

  • Boynton Beach City in United States
  • Ocean Ridge City in United States

    Visiting my aunt who lives here