South America #1

Abrupt ending by being robbed in Cuba.

Cost per day

Places visited

Note this list contains all locations I've ever visited in the countries of this trip. Some locations might be from other trips. You can have a look at the troute on the map to see which locations I actually visited.

  • Rome City in Italy

    Spent a day transiting on my way to South America

  • Vatican City City in Vatican City
  • Buenos Aires City in Argentina

    Spent a full transit day here on the way from Finland to Ushuaia

  • Ushuaia City in Argentina

    Arrived hoping to catch a cruise to Antarctica, sadly the prices had gone up 2-3 times. I slept underneath a tree outside town and then started hitchhiking north.

  • Rio Grande City in Argentina

    Met Emilio as I hitchhiked out of Ushuaia and stayed with him at one of his friends for the night.

  • El Calafate City in Argentina

    Got a ride with my Chilean parents from Puerto Natales. The next day I continued with them for the entire Carretera Austral

  • Perito Moreno Sight in Argentina

    Met up with my Chilean parents again as I was on my way back to Calafate

  • Gobernador Gregores City in Argentina

    While hitchhiking, we all shared a tent and cooked an amazing dinner.

  • Cueva de las Manos Sight in Argentina

    Would have been impossible reaching this place unless the people I was hitchhiked with just so happened to be going there too

  • Uspallata City in Argentina

    Where Seven Years in Tibet was filmed

  • Puente del Inca Sight in Argentina

    As I decided to hitchhike from the border this natural bridge just happened to be walking distance away

  • Las Cuevas Border Crossing in Argentina

    Got off the bus as it would have taken hours to get through customs. Instead I started hitchhiking

  • Mendoza City in Argentina

    Ate an overrated steak

  • Maipu City in Argentina

    Bicycle wine tour with Gerard. Ended the day with an asado.

  • San Juan City in Argentina

    After wasting a day trying to hitchhike north I gave up and decided to go back to San Juan to take a bus to Salta

  • Salta City in Argentina

    Rained each time I was here, and I was here like 3 times.

  • Cafayate City in Argentina

    Spent the night sleeping under the stars at El Anfiteatro.

  • Cachi City in Argentina

    Hitchhied here in a police car together with Rodrigo. Had a quick look at the town before walking north to find a place to sleep

  • Payogasta City in Argentina

    Spent the night sleeping in a cemetery

  • Tilcara City in Argentina

    Celebrated Carnival

  • Purmamarca City in Argentina

    Woke up early to hitchhike onward to Chile

  • Punta Arenas City in Chile

    Met Simiel and her friend who were also hitchhiking here. Stayed at Simiel's.

  • Puerto Natales City in Chile

    Met Pablo as I came back from my hike

  • Torres del Paine: Circuit Trek Trek in Chile

    Did the circuit trek in 5 days instead of the recommended 7-9 days

  • Puerto Rio Tranquilo City in Chile

    Camped at a popular camping area. Met someone who drove his motorcycle from Alaska here

  • Coyhaqiue City in Chile

    Camped outside of town

  • Puno City in Chile

    Camped in an abandoned house

  • Puno City in Chile

    Stayed with my Sergio's family who lives here

  • Parque Nacional Queulat Trek in Chile

    Did a short hike with my Chilean parents to see the glacier

  • Puerto Montt City in Chile
  • Puerto Varas City in Chile

    Got a ride from Chiloe with some European girls heading this way

  • Castro City in Chile
  • Achao City in Chile

    Went to see an old church

  • Dalcahue City in Chile

    More churces

  • Curaro de Velez City in Chile

    More churces

  • Valdivia City in Chile

    Got a ride from here all the way to Santiago

  • Santiago City in Chile

    CouchSurfed with Miguel Met Samuel and Dave.

  • Valparaiso City in Chile

    Met up with my Chilean mom who lives here

  • San Pedro de Atacama City in Chile

    Met Natanael who worked at the hostel where I stayed

  • Calama City in Chile

    Spent the day while waiting to get on a tour to Chuquicamata mine

  • Chuquicamata City in Chile

    Largest open-pit mine in the world. Che Guevara was here

  • Iquique City in Chile

    Met a photographer at Humberstone and spent the day with him here before going to Bolivia

  • Humberstone City in Chile

    Abandoned saltpeter works. Slept by the highway outside of the town as some dogs chased me away when I arrived in the middle of the night. Met a photographer

  • Cochabamba City in Bolivia

    First time I decided to take a taxi to the bus station early in the morning. Bolivian bus stations are not known as the safest of places

  • Sucre City in Bolivia
  • Potosi City in Bolivia

    Cerro Rico

  • Uyuni City in Bolivia

    My entrance to Salars de Uyuni

  • Torotoro City in Bolivia

    Met Kate on the bus ride here

  • Torotoro National Park Trek Trek in Bolivia

    Took two tours together with André, Diana and some other people

  • La Paz City in Bolivia
  • Coroico City in Bolivia

    Bicycled the Death Road independetly and finished in Coroico

  • Copacabana City in Bolivia

    Met Lea on the bus here

  • Challapampa City in Bolivia

    Took the boat to the southern end of Isla del Sol and walked here where with Lea

  • Puno City in Peru

    Stopped by to see the Uros

  • Arequipa City in Peru

    Really liked the city, thought about moving here

  • Chivay City in Peru

    While hitchhiking with a tour bus, we stopped here to eat and sightsee

  • Cabanaconde City in Peru

    Starting point for the Colca Canyon trek

  • Colca Canyon Trek Trek in Peru

    Cabanaconde - Sangalle - Malata - San Juan de Chucho - Cabanaconde

  • Cusco City in Peru

    Met up with David again.

  • Ollantaytambo City in Peru

    Spent half a day and stayed here for the night after seeing Moray and Maras

  • Salar de Maras Sight in Peru

    Hitchhiked, and took shared taxis with David

  • Aguas Calientes City in Peru

    Real name is Machu Picchu Pueblo

  • Machu Picchu Sight in Peru

    Didn't really enjoy it, but you can't go to South America without seeing Machu Picchu

  • Mollepata City in Peru

    Starting point of Salkantay Trek

  • Salkantay Trek Trek in Peru

    Hiked from Mollepata to Collipapampa where I took a bus to the entrance of Llactapata. Landslides had ruined the trail so you would have had to hike on the main road. From Llactapata I walked to Aguas Calientes.

  • Lima City in Peru

    Spent quite a few days here with Daivd. Loved the pretty girls, the location, and the great food.

  • Caral City in Peru

    Thought it might be worth seeing the ruins. It wasn't

  • Barranca City in Peru

    Spent the night here while seeing Caral

  • Huaraz City in Peru

    Met Nuria at the hostel who joined me and David for our trek

  • Laguna 69 Trek Trek in Peru

    Very nice trek. Got lost from the trail and hiked through the bush. First one at the top!

  • Hualcayan City in Peru

    Starting point of the Alpamayo Trek

  • Alpamayo Trek Trek in Peru

    We were plannin on doing the circuit but decided to skip the Santa Cruz part, therefore ending at Pomabamba

  • Pomabamba City in Peru

    End of Alpamayo Trek. On the bus back to civilization we ran out of petrol, broke the bus and slept by the road for 8h.

  • Trujillo City in Peru

    Spent a day sightseeing with David, Nuria and an Argentinian girl

  • Huanchaco City in Peru

    Slept here while sightseeing the both the town and Trujillo

  • Mancora City in Peru

    Left my camera outside beneath the hammock during the rainiest day of the year

  • Tulcan City in Ecuador

    Spent the night here on my bus ride from Bogota to Cuenca

  • Quito City in Ecuador

    Spent a lot of time drinking a lot of coffee with David

  • Baños City in Ecuador

    Tried zip lining for the first time

  • Quilotoa Loop Trek in Ecuador

    Did a 3 day hike

  • Cuenca City in Ecuador
  • Huaquillas City in Ecuador

    Bought 7 cartons of cigarettes. Peruvian prices.

  • Cali City in Colombia
  • Ipiales City in Colombia

    Went to see Las Lajas cathedral

  • Medellín City in Colombia

    Spent my time with Alvaro mostly

  • Cartagena City in Colombia

    Met Alvaro, went to Playa Blanca

  • Santa Marta City in Colombia
  • Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona Trek in Colombia

    Walked around the park

  • Miami City in United States

    Visited with my family as well as alone, but I was too young to have seen anything of interest

  • Boynton Beach City in United States
  • Ocean Ridge City in United States

    Visiting my aunt who lives here

  • Baracoa City in Cuba
  • Guantanamo City in Cuba

    Someone stole my bag including all my money, my passport and all my gear on the Camion (truck/bus) from Baracoa. Spent 4 days here waiting to be escorted to Havana

  • Santiago de Cuba City in Cuba
  • Havana City in Cuba

    Spent 9 days in immigration prison